First post of 2013.

2013-01-07 04:44:57 by STEPHEN4705

Meh. Nothin too special there and I'd wager many news posts have a semi-similar title to this one over the past week or so.

Well I spose 2013s better if for no other reason that theres no overhang of an impending apocalypse associated with this year.

I'm just bored, so please don't expect to find anything remotely entertaining within this post.

In all seriousness though, 2012 wasn't that bad. even the pop music wasn't too much of an ear molest, barring the regular Nicki Minaj garbage. It makes me happy to see that Adele and Gotye both got fairly high praise from shit-spewers like billboard, and also to find a Korean equivalent to LMFAO.

I still hate Apple though, but thats pretty much a given on the internet.

Anyways, cheers for reading. Please place your reasonable statements below. Or hate mail. I don't mind really. :3

oh, and click here for a bit of japanesey jazz stuff


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